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March 21

You know you're A Redneck If ......

1) The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your spouse.

2) You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.

2) Last year you hid Easter eggs under cow pies.

3) You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws.

4) You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night.

5) Jack Daniels makes your list of "Most Admired People."

6) You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.

7) Anyone in your family ever died right after saying, "Hey, y'all watch this!"

8) You've got more than one brother named 'Darryl.'

9) You think that Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader.

10) Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.

11)You go to your family reunion looking for a date.

12) Your Junior/Senior Prom had a Daycare.

13) You think the last words to The Star Spangled Banner are, "Gentlemen, start your engines."

14) You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels. (my favorite!)

15) You take a six-pack cooler to church.

March 14

Some files have been added to the members download pages including the vcipher patch and a few others. Things are fairly quiet for the time being.

March 3

I received an email from another webmaster whose web site was shut down as a result of a letter sent to them by the law firm representing DTV. Good ole' Yeastmouth Wilsdon. Funny thing is is looks exactly word for word the same as the one that got my site shut down. Except the site location. Lazy and sloppy is all I can say. This sleazeball apparently is using one generic letter will all kinds of accusations and legal bullshit and sending it out to virtually anyone that will listen. sad sad sad. One thing is for sure, when your wife wants a divorce, recommend ole' scotty boy. That way instead of getting your house and your car, she'll be lucky to get the clothes on her back :) Scooty, oops...Scotty...I hear 7-11 is hiring man, go look into it eh?

We are having some difficulty with passwords for new members, should be fixed by tomorrow AM. If you are waiting for our password, please be patient, it should be rolling again tomorrow.

February 22

The following release was posted on the Directv web site

DIRECTV® Commends Federal Officials for Role in Signal Piracy Indictments

El SEGUNDO, February 17, 1999 -- DIRECTV commends the U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle for their efforts that resulted in the indictment of four individuals on charges of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute counterfeit DIRECTV System access cards. The indictment, unsealed by a federal grand jury last week, is the result of a long-running U.S. Customs Service Investigation in Blaine, Wash.

Investigators for DIRECTV and NDS Americas, Inc., DIRECTV’s encryption provider, furnished technical support during the investigation. "The indictment by the grand jury in the U.S. District Court in Seattle sends a strong message," said Larry Rissler, special counsel, Signal Integrity for DIRECTV. "Those who engage in signal piracy may be subject to criminal charges, and will be pursued across international boundaries." Three of those charged in the case, Norman R. Dick, Gary R. Tocholke and Troy D. Stewart are Canadian citizens, and the other defendant, Jose L. Calderoni, is a citizen of both Mexico and the United States.

Dick and his co-defendants were charged in a two-count felony indictment with conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess counterfeit DIRECTV System access cards and other devices that can be used to illegally receive DIRECTV and USSB® programming free of charge. The offenses were alleged to have taken place between April 1995 and June 1996.

The penalty for conspiracy is five years in prison, a fine of $250,000, or both plus restitution to the victim of the offense. The same penalty applies for the manufacture, distribution and possession of electronic communication intercepting devices.

All four individuals were also defendants in a civil suit brought by DIRECTV and NDS Americas in U.S. District Court in Seattle, Wash. In July 1998, Dick, Tocholke and Stewart were ordered to pay more than $14.7 million in damages. The civil case against Calderoni is continuing.

The indictments of these four individuals represent the latest in a series of legal actions relating to the Seattle case. Last year, three defendants pleaded guilty to signal piracy charges brought by the U.S. Attorney; and an indictment against another – a Canadian citizen – is outstanding in a federal district court in Montana.

DIRECTV, in coordination with NDS, continues to provide technical support to law enforcement officials working to prevent the theft of DIRECTV programming signals. DIRECTV’s 24-hour signal integrity hotline number is 1-800-830-6090.

February 15
12pm PST

Yes we are still alive. Things have been pretty slow, with no major ecms. A lot of you have probably been receiving spam emails from a company selling freeware and have a web site at

This company have been selling this bogus package for a while under many different names, web site addresses etc.

GO TO for details
Or call IMC 1-312-453-0680 use code 2000

The main issues are they claim it will work on ANY system that has a access card. Bullshit. The DSS and Echostar systems for example use totally different architechiture and one program is definately not compatible with different systems. Echo does not really even have what I would call a full blown hack. The system used by canadian Starchoice (Digicipher) is definately not hacked and again would not in any way with any other system. there are lots more of these types out there. Remember if it sounds too good to be true...

January 14
2pm PST

Some new files have been added to our members' Files collection including a new 3m and a collection of programs.

January 7
4pm PST

Our members' file page has been updated with a new activation program,a program to help cure the freezing problem, a new explorer program and a few more files. Members can check it out.

January 1
11pm PST

Happy 1999 everyone! How many of ya had a hangover this morning?

December 26
4pm PST

A new activation program has been posted to our members file page. It was designed to work with the freezing problem. Happy holidays everyone!!

December 23
9pm PST

The ECM got some older versions of 3M and freeware and some cards that were freezing like activator type cards.

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!

Nous souhaitons à chacun un Noël très Joyeux et heureuse une Nouvelle Année!

Nos deseamos a cada uno una Feliz Navidad muy y una Feliz Año Nuevo!

December 23
9am PST

Ho Ho Ho! A Christmas ECM is in progress now! Pull out your cards until further notice.

December 20
4am PST

The talked about file to repair Vcipher 3M and DDT3 cards has been posted to our members download section. Its origin has not been determined so it is a real risk to use it as it may damage or make your card prone to damage. But it is available for download fo our members. Do not email me about this file.

December 19
10pm PST

For some reason I have been flooded with emails from Vcipher regarding a vague comment on his page about a patch for his cards being available somewhere. I do not have it or know where it can be found, so don't email about it. If I find out, I will let you know. Be careful what you load, they may be sucker files to destroy your card or make it easier to ecm. Make sure you know where it came from before loading anything.

December 18
8pm PST

It seems that News Datacom/DTV's Goon Squad (Yarmuth Wilsdon) is still using their legal muscle to shut down more web sites. It seems they are especially targeting dealers in the U.S. and Other types of sites like info sites that are hosted on U.S. web servers. Starvu and TKO Tech sites have been taken down recently. If you have such a site, there are a few things you can do. 1) Host your site on a Non-U.S. web host. Hosts in Canada, Mexico etc. are less likely to shut down your web site because U.S. laws mean nothing out of the U.S. Also the Goon squad is also less likely to target you if you are on a foreign server. 2) Set up a virtual domain server. Although its a bit more costly, its well worth it because in addition to allowing you to use the name of your choice (subject to availability), also if you host ever does turn off your site, when you find another, you web address will still be the same. 3) If you are using Free servers like geocities, freeyellow, angelfire etc, you are asking for trouble because they can shut you down instantly without notice. (They don't even need a good reason or proof of wrong doing) 4) If you are selling cards, are in the US and on a US server you are really asking for it because in addition to getting you site shut down, you can also end up in the hooskow and /or receive a generous fine from some of your local law enforcement officials. If you are looking for free food to eat and a place to sleep and free sex, this is the way to get it man. :)

Cards are still being affected by the anamoly in the datastream. Some card programmers have a fix, some are still working on it. Echostar hack, ? There is a partial hack, it requires you to take your receiver apart and a good knowledge of electronics. If this in NOT you, then leave it alone, you void your warranty by simply removing the lid on your receiver. If you bugger it up, you have to buy a new one, your warranty will NOT cover it. See the DR7 site for info on this. DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT ECHO HACKS PLEASE!!! (Email DR7 instead. hehe, No don't do that either. Its freeware, its not supported, live with it. If you are not sure about it, don't touch it. A fried receiver is not worth it.)

December 16
8am PST

Some weird stuff has been happening in the datastream which is causing many different types of cards to get weird messages and have picture interuptions. The instant turn on cards like the 3M, Blazer NG, T3 etc seem to be the ones mostly affected. The tier activation cards seem to still be ok for the time being. No cards reported to be going down yet. Its very possible DTV is gearing up for a big Christmas ECM which will knock a lot of different cards on their asses and snuff out you Christmas TV so watch out.

December 8
9am PST

More bullshit happening in Canada. Now it seems that the RCMP/GRC satisfied with the proceeds netted from the Vcipher bust are focusing their attention to Canadian retailers distributing "grey market" DSS systems in Canada. Over the weekend there has been 2 raids in Ontario of retailers selling DSS systems designed for legal subscriptions. The RCMP, basing their seizure of equipment and raids on a narrow interpretation of the Canadian Broadcasting Act. This interpretation has been used by several Canadian Goverment agencies over the years, including Industry Canada which published a pamphlet a couple of years back entitled "DIRECT-TO-HOME SATELLITE TV- Facts You Should Know" The term "facts" should be changed to "opinions" or at the very least be used very, very loosely.

Basically its a home grown interpretation of the Radio Broadcasting Act. It warns consumers in Canada that "grey market" and "black market" systems are illegal in Canada and also warns dealers to "obey the law". Strange, but as I recall Industry Canada came under quite a bit of heat right after the introduction of the brochure and they no longer publicized its availibility. The narrow interpretation of the broadcasting act is designed to protect Canadian broadcasters' distribution rights of television signals. It also supposedly is designed to protect the Canadian culture by insuring that Canadian Television programming was always more readily available to Canadians than was Foreign programming. I find it funny that the parties voicing this concern just happened to own distribution rights in Canada (Canadian Broadcasters)

This interpretation was never intended to bring freedom of choice to Canadians, rather to limit our viewing choice by censoring out programming deemed to be "undesirable" by the CRTC and forcing us to watch inferior Canadian equivalents to American and Foreign programming. In addition, the rights guaranteed by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms seem to have been recinded by the interpretation that the RCMP and Goverment agencies are using to justify their raids. Unlike the U.S. law enforcement agencies, the RCMP is regulated by the Goverment of Canada, directed under the solicitor general of Canadas' office. Therefore the Canadian Goverment is ultimately and in my opinion directly responsible for their actions.

December 4
11am PST

The link to the Haku web site has been repaired. We had received an email from some asshole stating that Haku had stopped selling card programmers and he had taken over. This seems to be NOT the case and he was a fake and ripping people off. Sorry for the confusion.

December 3
7pm PST

Any Members that were having problems entering the members section, we think we have the issue resolved and your passwords should work normally now. We have taken the ICQ link off the site as we found the number of people sending trivial messages was simply overwhelming. Equally frustrating was the sheer number of chat requests. If you would like to contact us, please use email as we will not be using the icq number any more.

With the rapidly approaching Christmas season comes increased chances that an ECM will put a damper on your festivities. So remember to remove your card when your not using it to lessen the chances of it getting smoked. Some of you may have noticed that the site is loading a litle slow. A new server is coming on line and should be operational around Christmas which will signifigantly speed up the loading of the web site.

November 29
9pm PST

It seems that the ISO programmer manufacturers are going through some trying times. First PMK was arrested in the UK and shut his page down (Its back up now and seems like business as usual). Now the Haku pages and the FirstOI pages are gonzo also. The haku page was not really gone, but replaced with an interesting although rather slanderous message. I have removed the links until further notice. Perhaps it is due to the heat from the EAST.

November 25
8pm PST

Word has trickled down that a well know programmer, Phillip Sedow aka AXA, had his house raided a couple of weeks ago in Dalles Texas. No specific details have been released yet, but they will be posted here as they become available. DTV and their hired goon squad seem to be on a rampage, I suspect its in part due to the fact that freeware programs are so overwhelmingly available. Freeware programs are a satellite providers worst enemy because they can be distributed on a nation-wide basis in a matter of minutes and greatly exceeds the ratio of signal piracy that is considered tolerable by DTV which is around 5%. Freeware files also cause card swaps to happen a hellva lot sooner.

November 23
3pm PST

Well it seems that Vcipher has decided that people were not "buying" the story of why they are closed that was posted on their web site. Probably due to the following of the media in Canada including the major newspapers in Montreal and Toronto. They are no longer "Sick" it seems. :)

They are now stating that they are closed until further notice and will not be contacting any customers at all. They are advising that people not call, email or try to contact them in any way, and that email sent to them may be intercepted. They also state that they have been prohibited from conducting business by the RCMP. Yes Sir, Here in Canada, we take sickness very seriously. :) No doubt a long expensive court case is going to ensue. All of Reg's customers made him a multi-millionaire (weather intentially or not) so he has a few buck lying around for court expenditures.

We are putting together a seperate web site for test card news and information in Europe. It will serve people in Europe and people in North America who want to learn more. Watch for more news about this coming soon. I also have taken the porn banner off the site and will replace them with non-porn ones.

November 21
7pm PST

Well, as you can see, I am once again up and running. This web site was down for less that 48 hours. As I said, there are lots of ISP's and IPP's out there and I will not be silenced. We do not sell test cards on this site, we do not promote that you use test cards in any place where it is illegal. All we do is report news and offer information to anyone that wants it. Exchange of information and freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by both the United States Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms.

Anyone attempting to infringe on our right to free speech in the future may find themselves on the other end of a class action law suit (The law works both ways). We will not be intimitated and will not tolerate harrassment of any kind. It will also result in our web site moving to an overseas server where your U.S. laws will mean absolutely and totally, jack shit and all your emails and fedex packages and meetings and begging and pleading will amount to nothing more than a good laugh at your expense.. As it is our policy when harassed or persecuted against, this web site will get bigger and better with more information coming soon.

In other news, PMK (Paul Maxwell King) has recently been arrested in the UK. no charges have been laid as of yet, but he has had some programmers and equipment conficated. The raid and search warrant was for conspiracy to defraud BSKYB (British Sky broadcasting) which just happens to be owned by News Datacom Ltd, the same company that provides conditional access system security for the American DSS system.

November 18
10pm PST

For you Legal Beagles out there (Or is it Eagles?) or anyone else that think that what I write should be banned, outlawed, etc. and because those same Legal Seagulls (Y'all know who ya are) are so good at reciting legal presedents and regulations, Risestar is gonna take a crack at it. Hows this?,

U.S. Constitutional Ammendment 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Canadian Charter of Freedom

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association.

Damb, I shoulda been a lawyer! :)

November 18
7pm PST

Well, Well. If ya came by the site in the past couple of days and wondered why it was's the scoop.

It seems that the law office of YARMUTH WILSDON PLLC, which just happen to be the law office that represents Directv and News Datacom Ltd., have taken offense at my political views and the views expressed by this web site.

They have forwarded a letter filled with half-truths, mis-conceptions, innuendo, propaganda and damb right lies in an effort to have this web site shut down. Well Ol' Risestar, has a few choice words to say about this situation.

By the way, if you want to see what the letter said, I have it here for you. I have appropriately named it bullshit.txt

First of all, Mr. Scott Wilsdon, this is an INFORMATION SITE. We do not sell test cards of any kind on this web site. Furthermore, you will notice that throughout this site there exist these little tiny things called OFFICIAL DISCLAIMERS. Since you seem to need a new eyeglass perscription, you probably missed it. Here's what it says Jackass:

Official Disclaimer!

All information on this site is designed for educational purposes only!! Test cards are illegal in the US!! If you live in the US you should be suscribing!! Illegal use of ANY information on this site is strictly prohibited!! You and you alone are solely responsible if you are bad and ignore this disclaimer and do something you shouldn't!!

Secondly, this is 1998, not 1698. In this century we have a little dated piece of legislation called a constitutional right of free speech. Yes, yes I know that the thought of free speech is revolting to you, but hell son, sooner or later, it'll grow on ya. (If some pond scum doesn't first) If you or anyone else has a problem with that, then I suggest you get back in your time machine and take yer ass outta here, cause we don't want cha.

This is my web site and I'll say whatever I damb well please. If you don't like it, then don't come here. By the way, I own my domain name, So that means it doesn't matter if you succeed in getting my site shut down. I'll just find another ISP (There are plenty around). It'll cost me a hellva lot less money to do that then you charged your client to shut me down. It really doesn't matter if my web host is in Canada, Australia, the UK, or friggin' Mars. (Where you came from???) All people have to do is type in those magic words, into their browser and they will be instantly whisked to my web site. Where ever it is hosted. (Aren't domain names kewl? )

Furthermore, since this is an information site, I will continue to provide just that Information, for as long as I damb well please and as long as people want to know whats happening. I am not in any way promoting test card use in the US. In fact if you are in the US using (Notice the words using, not talking about? Big difference in the English language. Bone up on your grade 3 vocabulary if confused Scotty me boy.) a test card, then yes indeed you are breaking the law. Here in Canada however, your U.S. laws have proven to mean jack shit.

So in closing, I'm here to stay Jackass, if you don't like it, TOUGH! Don't come here.

So don't count on ol' risestar to be bending over and submitting to your fascist policies anytime soon. And thats the bottom line! (Cause Risestar said so)

------------------------ End Scathing Rebuttal Mode ---------------------------

November 12
2pm PST

Our Members page has been updated with some new card files.

November 11
9pm PST

Here is a link to an article in the Montreal Gazette regarding Vcipher. The Article is disturbing as it pointed out that the RCMP/GRC is in receipt of Vciphers client list. It would appear that they kept good records and that anyone, ESPECIALLY people in the U.S. could be at risk. The RCMP will of course share their finding the the U.S. Customs service who will share with the FBI and the Signal Integrity division at News Datacom, the company responsible for the DSS conditional access system. Judging by the disclosure of the article, it sounds like they have people names, addresses and what and when they purchased it. Not at all good if you are in the U.S.

November 10
9pm PST

The following is an article regarding the vcipher arrest/seizure situation in Quebec. Posted from the DR7 web site (

According to the Montreal detachment of RCMP, approxiamately 13 million was netted in a raid conducted on November 4th on Vcipher Technologies. Sgt. Blanchet said that items seized included 10,000 access cards, 28 computers, handguns, rifles, $168,000 cash in U.S dollars, $31,500 in Canadian Dollars, $229,000 in uncashed checks and $3.8 million in bonds. No charges have been laid yet, but Sgt. Blanchet said that potential charges include fraud, offences under the juridiction of the CRTC(Canadian Radio and Television Commision) and racketeering. New Advanced Technologies, which is also owned by Vcipher owner Reg Scullion was also raided. Approxiamately 250 satelloite systems were seized from that business. Sgt. Blachard said it appeared the the business was doing a volume of $10 million per year. The RCMP held a press conference at 1:30 p.m today. Other small dealer in Montreal were also raided.

Judging from the amount of items seized, it would appear that they will be out of action for awhile, if not for good. If you have recently ordered something from them and not received it, don't count on getting anything. If you used your credit card, you should contact your credit card company for a credit.

November 6
9am PST

For people looking for card programmers, I have added a new link on my satellite links page and I have repaired the link to the Paul Maxwell King website.

November 5
11pm PST

We have a limited number of RCA 3rd generation systems model 5120 available with absolutely no programming commitments. Featuring 32 bit processors. Email us for pricing. These complete systems come complete with your access card which can be programmed with available programs or can be used to as a trade in for a commercial program such as a west 3m.

November 5
10pm PST

Word of some dealers in the East getting some heat from the RCMP or for our friends in Quebec GRC.

It appears that well known long time dealer Vcipher AKA Avantec is somehow involved. Mauvais garçons, Mauvais garçons ce qui vous allant faire quand ils viennent pour vous? (A little french humour ) If you are french challenged, then the translation would be "Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

Possibly luck ran out for them as they were openly selling cards which are an extremely controversial topic here in Canada. Ask 10 people about them some will say they are illegal, some will say they are legal. The battle is far from over and will likely go on for years because for every legal decision that says they are illegal, there is a decision ruling the opposite. The primary reason for it lies in the fact that it is a U.S. problem. Directv has no legal grounds to stand on because they have no broadcasting or distribution rights in Canada and there for cannot enforce their signal integrity policies, much to their chagrin. The fact that they don't have a legal leg to stand on doesn't stop them from pooching in the gullable RCMP (GRC) from taking action and seizing equipment and making arrests costing the Canadian taxpayers time and money. The majority of people that have had equipment seized and arrested have had it all returned and charges dropped. The current legal status of U.S. based satellite systems in Canada is that it is illegal to own and pay for a subscription, but it is ok to use test cards. Go figure. No, you can't buy that car, but come back after dark and you can steal it. ha! ha! Canadian legal presedents are so whacked. The Vcipher web site is now closed, all pages have been deleted from his server with the following message posted on it.

NOVEMBER 4, 1998




If you have cards from Vcipher, support may not be available for awhile if ever again at all so use your cards sparingly. More on this as it becomes available.

November 4
7am PST

Some more ECM's are hitting 3M type cards again. Pull your cards out for a few days to be safe if yours still works. Our members section has been updated with some files and informatioon. Memberscheck it out!

October 30
1pm PST

Last nights ECM curbed the viewing pleasures of quite a number of 3M and 4M customers. Before doing anything check to make sure its really diced by rebooting your receiver (Pwr+ down arrow on receiver). If the dreaded words "Insert Valid Access card" still appear on screen, your card is down. Contact your dealer if you have a commercial card like the West 3m. If your dealer has abandoned you, contact a west 3m source on my links page. If you were using a freeware 3m program and your card is hosed, you are most likely screwed. You should not have been using it unless you access card was expendable. Well have a happy, although somewhat TV-less Halloween everyone.

October 29
8pm PST

Well its ECM Time again. widespread ECM are hitting 3m type cards, both commercial and freeware. If you have a card that is still running, pull it out now! Activated cards aside from random tier wipes and updates are still runnning.

October 28
3pm PST

The Test Card links page has been updated and reorganized. It is now categorized so it it easier to find what you are looking for.

October 27
10am PST

More random tier wipes and the ocasional 3m cards going down, but no full blown ECM's. I have added a few more card turn on files to our members section. you may have noticee that I have mad a few changes to the site including a new navigation bar, background, removed the background music for faster loading. Let me know how you liked the changes. I also have new banner sponsors, so please tak a moment and visit them, it won't cost you anything to look.

October 4
6pm PST

No ECM's happening, some activation cards are still being reset. Some rumors are floating around of a big ECM coming. Sounds like 100% southern fricisied B.S. to me. News Datacom signal integrity and electronic countermeasure information is not and never will be known to ANYONE outside of a few engineers at NDC and DTV. And you can bet that if anyone of them started leaking information, they wouldn't be around very long. However, ECM's can hit at anytime, so if yer not watchin' da tube, be pullin' da kard out okee-dookee? Also I am getting a lot of email asking for help with some of the freeware programs. Sorry people, but I can't help you with that. Freeware programs are not supported, and they are very risky and if your card gets cooked while you are trying to load it, then the only thing its good for is an ice scaper for your car. If you're are not comfortable or unexperienced with loading programs you should either A) Let someone who knows more about it do it, or B) Don't do it. Personally I don't like freeware programs being out there as it usually results in a card swap as it easily exceeds the ratio of pirated card to legimate subs that DTV deems as acceptable.

September 19
10pm PST

I am receiving again a lot of email regarding test cards for the Echostar system. At this time, i can assure you that there is no working commerercial software available anywhere for the Dish Network system. NO TEST CARDS FOR ECHOSTAR!! Should this change, it will be announced here! (After proper testing and confirmation of course) Reset commands and updates are still in the datastream, so watch out.

September 11
8am PST

Another ECM hit later last night, laying the smackdown to the wedge cards and a few 3M types. Most of the wedges will need to have their H card updated. People with 3M types that are down will have to send them in for repair to your dealer.

September 10
10am PST

Now that the summer is starting to wind down and TV season is getting ready to start, look for ever increasing ECM's coming your way. I have been having a look at some of the sites that come up on the search engines and let me tell you the amount of new sites that have sprouted up the the past 6 months is unbelievable. Most of them are brand new sites on one of the free web site services like angelfire, tripod, geocities, etc. I am not saying they are all bad, but people should certainly take caution with doing business with them. Remember there are plenty of old established dealers out there, like discount satellite, Hitec satellite, TKO Technologies etc. With ECMs increasing both in frequency and in ferosity, many dealers simply pack up and move out and leave customers stranded. Established dealers have weathered many many ECM's and so are much more unlikely to leave town. There are also several types of MAINSTREAM commercial programs available, like 3M, 4M, Predator, Combo card, DDT card, activator, T3 or Terminator cards and a couple more. There are many, many other kinds of cards that may be unsupported in time of an ecm. If you are considering purchasing a card that is not one of the ones I have listed, you may want to think twice.

Another thing is some pages claim to have ECM proof or ECM resistant cards. This is without a shadow of a doubt, 100% pure horseshit! Any card that DTV looks at will be going down, its only a matter of time. There are a lot of circular dealers out there right now as well. In this I mean, they will heavily promote a card like the East 3M card. The it goes down, and they promote say the 4M card, singing its virtues. When the 4M card goes down , they promote the Predator card. When the Predator goes down they promote the Predator V2 and on and on. With these types of dealers this never ends. Other types, like Discount Satellite for example promote the West 3M through thick and thin, never asking for upgrade fees or any other B.S. You should also be using EXTREME caution about using any freeware or shareware programs out there. DTV has been bombing the hell out of them as of late and when they go down they are usually screwed (99'd, 00'd, FF'd) DS access cards are not being sold anymore so you can't get replacements, so be careful. Thats all for now, Take care.

August 30
10am PST

Holy cow. The summer is almost over. It just scorched by didn't it? Some cards are still going down at random due to a code in the datastream. Mostly 3m type, however also activated cards are losing their dynamic tiers(PPV) and also getting reset to the 3 preview channels. If you have a card, you should pull it out whenever its not in use to help prevent it from getting knocked out.

August 25
9pm PST

DTV is still hitting with random ECM targeting most major commercial and freeware cards that have been available for awhile. If you are concerned, you should pull your card out.

August 11
6am PST

Last night another devastating ECM hit the plastics. Mostly the 3m cards were affected. The newest release version of the west 3m was affected, along with most other versions of the 3m cards. I am not sure if they were 99'd or if they were attacked again with a FF loop. If they are ff'd, they turnaround time for repair from your dealer may be lengthy due to the sheer number of cards on the market. If your card is still working, my advice would be to pull it out now! More later.

August 7
9pm PST

I have been told that some updates are again being sent through the datastream. I have not heard of any cards going down yet, however if you are concerned about it, I would pull your card out.

August 6
8am PST

Here is an interesting article. If you noticed that the java buttons at the top of the page did not appear properly in Internet Explorer, it should be fixed now.

DirecTV, NDS Awarded $31 Million In DSS Piracy Case

U.S. District Court in Seattle assessed damages totaling more than $31 million against 15 defendants for trafficking counterfeit DSS access cards and other devices, a violation of federal law. The judgments conclude a lawsuit filed by DirecTV and NDS Americas in June 1996, which detailed an international conspiracy formed to develop, manufacture, distribute and sell counterfeit access cards and other devices that allow DSS equipment owners to illegally receive DirecTV and U.S. Satellite Broadcasting programming. Combined with judgments rendered earlier by the Seattle court, the total damages awarded to DirecTV and NDS in this case are more than $34 million. Key figures ordered to pay damages to DirecTV and NDS are Jim Gallucio of West Milford, N.J., a former authorized DirecTV retailer who must pay $9.28 million; Marty Mullen of New London, Ontario, doing business as Cyber One and Studio One in the Cayman Islands, who must pay $5.09 million; David Balmes of Las Vegas, who must $2.53 million; and and a group of individuals and businesses led by Norman Dick of Victoria, B.C., which must pay $14.76 million.